Mint a Kong

Every CyberKong is unique and owns randomized items with different rarities. A few are super rare and even animated! Maybe some of them look familiar!



CyberKongz VX Official Mint Page

While bananas are continuously being harvested by our Genesis CyberKongz and countless Baby CyberKongz bred throughout our ecosystem, our mad evolutionary Kong-ologists successfully extrapolated a new formula to kickstart the next CyberKongz Evolution!

Fully Compatible 3D Avatar for the Metaverses:

To achieve this goal, our mad Cyberbrain Scientists have teamed up with the technical experts from The Sandbox to bring full interoperability for our fully custom CyberKongz VX Metaverse Avatars!

More than 200+ Random Traits:

CyberKongz VX will be randomly generated with 200+ different traits, both known from the CyberKongz Brand, and tons that are completely new! Everything from a crazy new Cheese Hat to the classic Rainbow Shades we’ve all come to respect.

Total Mint Supply:

10,000 CyberKongz VX will be available to mint by anyone. Due to demand, PLEASE expect higher gas.

10 NEW Legendary (1/1) CyberKongz VX :

With the creation of our new collection, we needed some new Legendary faces for the Metaverse! Hailing from all parts of Kongz Island, Neo Kongz City, and the Shrine of Truth these 10 NEW Legendary CyberKongz VX will be sure to turn a head or two.


We appreciate your desire to utilize CyberKongz in various commercial ways, and we are open to you doing just that! Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details.