About CyberKongz


CyberKongz started as a collection of 1000 unique and randomly generated non-fungible tokens (NFTs) created in early March 2021, priced mostly at .01 by the artist myoo. Although there was no pre-release or advertising campaign, a lot of attention was quickly brought to it by NFT enthusiasts who discovered the minting process on Opensea.io and shared their interest on social media. The 34x34 pixel CyberKongz images achieved great popularity due to their suitability as profile pictures on Discord and social media, at a time when nobody was talking about profile picture projects.
Over time, the shared idea of furthering the development of CyberKongz as a community-based project emerged. The CyberKongz community hosts some of the finest developers and experts in the NFT and De-Fi space. Who offered their skills and time to develop the community`s ideas. Within a short period, the $BANANA token was created, giving genesis CyberKongz the ability to yield 10 $BANANA per day, for the next ten years. By burning a certain amount of $BANANA, owners can give their CyberKongz characteristics like a unique name and biography, as well as breed and incubate one of 4,000 randomly generated Baby CyberKongz with different traits and rarities.
From there, CyberKongz VX was seen as the next logical evolution. With so many getting excited to head into the metaverse, CyberKongz knew they had to bring the jungle to life and swing into action. A short 3 months after the new Baby CyberKongz were added, CyberKongz VX was launched! A 3D Voxel collection of 15,000 models to be used and playable in the upcoming metaverses!

Our Family and their Utility


The Genesis CyberKongz, these were the first 1000 CyberKongz to drop, 10 of which are Legendary. Not only are these the sweetest profile pics around but they are also the only CyberKongz to yield $BANANA daily. Each Genesis Kong produces 10 $BANANA every day for the next 10 years. These act as the OG Profile pictures of the 2D Social world. Perfectly sized for everything from Discord to Twitter. Some of their other exciting utilities are:
  • Set the story of your Kong by altering the biography by spending


  • Rename your Kong with a quirky or fun nickname by spending


  • Breed 2 Genesis to create 1 Incubator (Contains 1 BabyKong Mint and 1 VX Mint) by spending


  • Unlock exclusive channels in CyberKongz Discord server.
  • Yield



    per Day.


In order to expand the CyberKongz Universe the mad scientist myoo created a cybernetic breeding process allowing ‘cute as a button’ Baby Kongz to be produced by breeding two Genesis Kongz, unfortunately the process requires a ton of energy, so 600 $BANANA are required to fuel the breeding frenzy. Some of their other exciting utilities are:
  • Set the story of your BabyKong by altering the biography by spending


  • Rename your BabyKong with a quirky or fun nickname by spending


  • Unlock exclusive channels in CyberKongz Discord server.


Not content with taking over the 2D NFT space, the continued evolution thrusts CyberKongz into the metaverse in the form of 3D voxel-based avatars built to be used in online metaverse environments such as The Sandbox. The CyberKongz team`s insatiable need to continue to take over the metaverse drove their recent land purchases as well as ambitious plans to create phenomenal environments for CyberKong holders to socialise and interact. Some of their other exciting utilities are:
  • The Sandbox and other metaverses.
  • Renaming VX Kong by spending


  • Download the models to create your own artwork or use in merch.
  • Unlock #⚡verified-lounge, an exclusive channel in CyberKongz Discord server.

Future Direction


The CyberKongz Brand is filled with unique and randomly generated 2D/3D NFT Social Avatars for your online experiences, which boils down to gamified collectibles with utility. They are intended to be avatars for both the two-dimensional space as well as playable avatars on platforms such as The Sandbox.The Sandbox opens up the possibility for the community to create community games, adventures and experience with their uniquely owned CyberKongz VX avatars.
On March 3rd 2021, 1000 unique and randomly generated CyberKongz emerged from the turbulent NFT jungle. Since that day, CyberKongz have been continuously evolving and thus forming a strong core community.
With $BANANA as our backbone utility token for the ecosystem there are still plenty of treasures in the jungle to uncover with the CyberKongz brand, all we can say for now is…



March 3rd

989 Genesis CyberKongz are listed for sale at 0.01 ETH. CyberKong #810 is kept as a mascot. 10 Legendary CyberKongz are set to be auctioned.

March 7th

CyberKongz donate 60% of the proceeds from the sale of 989 CyberKongz to Cool Earth and Orangutan Outreach to help protect the rainforest and endangered wildlife. Many more donations followed.

March 13th

The 10 legendary CyberKongz are auctioned off for a combined total of over 200 ETH.

April 17th

The great Kongz migration to their own contract brings new features like breeding, $Banana yielding, renaming, and the ability to write custom biographies.

June 25th

Baby CyberKong #2000 is minted. 1/4 of all Baby CyberKongz have been minted.

June 26th

Announcement of CyberKongz VX, playable voxel-based avatars for the metaverse in partnership with The Sandbox.

July 5th

Announcement of the Banana Shop. A place to buy custom equipment and wearables for the CyberKongz VX metaverse avatars.

July 10th

CyberKongz win the SandBox auction of THE SHRINE OF TRUTH and will be using it as THE SHRINE OF KONGZ.

July 23rd

CyberKongz expand their territory by a 12x12 estate named Neo Kongz City.

July 30th

CyberKongz acquired a 24x24 estate, the largest estate available to begin construction on KONGZ ISLAND.

August 15th

CyberKongz VX launch playable voxel-based avatars for the metaverse.

Council of Kongz








Henry The Grape



How do I claim my $BANANA?

How can I breed Babies?

How do I change my Kongz name or bio?

My transaction fee is a few thousand dollars! What happened?

What are the contract addresses?


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