Is it Banana?

Everything Banana

Banana sits at the core of everything in the CyberKongz universe. As the universe grows more utility will be added. The mission of CyberKongz extends further than a 2D PFP, or a 3D avatar. It's about family, utility, and of course the main life source of any ape, $BANANA that lets us fuel our ecosystem the TRUE way, on the blockchain.


Every Genesis Kong yields 10 $BANANA a day. A days hard work paid with the most delicious treat.


Got lore for your Kongz ? 100 $BANANA and it is on the blockchain. Custom name needed? That's 10 $BANANA. VX name needs an update? That'll only be 2 $BANANA.


Hold any two Genesis Kongz in your wallet and burn 600 $BANANA to recieve an incubator.


$BANANA isn't only a Utility Token, its a Goverance Token too. OOH!
$BANANA Supply :

$BANANA Smart Contract:
$BANANA is the utility token that fuels the CyberKongz ecosystem. It is NOT an investment and has NO economic value.

Each Genesis CyberKong is able to claim 10 $BANANA tokens per day for a period of ten years. Genesis CyberKongz will produce total of 3,650,000 $BANANA tokens per year, over a period of ten years.

Banana Shop [Coming Soon]

The Banana Shop will be THE place to equip your VX, and spend $BANANA. Holding a baby Kong will allow for some hidden advantages.