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CyberKongz announce $BANANA airdrop to Ronin node delegators

Mar 13, 2024
$BANANA Airdrop
$BANANA Airdrop
CyberKongz announce $BANANA airdrop to stakers on CyberKongz Ronin Network validator node and Travelers.
On the 12th March we announced a $BANANA airdrop to those that staked $RON on our Ronin Network validator node before February 6th 08:00 UTC and continued staking till February 23rd 22:30 UTC. The airdrop was also announced for all individuals that have the ‘Travelers’ role in the CyberKongz discord, which is obtainable through collecting all six tribes of the Genkai collection. 
The total amount of $BANANA airdropped is 80,000, which will be distributed on the date of the Play & Kollect launch on Ronin. We decided to do this airdrop to continue with our long-term vision of: support CyberKongz and we will support you. Since we launched Genkai on the 27th July 2023, we have been overwhelmed by the support and passion the Ronin community has shown to CyberKongz. They have become a core pillar of the CyberKongz community. On top of this, we strongly believe in the Sky Mavis team and the future of Ronin, cementing itself as the number one gaming blockchain. This airdrop was a token of gratitude towards everyone supporting us as a validator. 
Finally, we are extremely excited for the launch of our game: Play & Kollect on Ronin, which is coming at the end of this month. In light of this, we wanted to increase the Ronin community’s exposure to the CyberKongz ecosystem through this airdrop. $BANANA sits at the core of everything in the CyberKongz universe and is also the main in-game currency for Play & Kollect, meaning it made logical sense to do this airdrop to increase accessibility in some form to Play & Kollect. 


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