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CyberKongz Have Launched Ronin Network Validator Node

Dec 3, 2023
CyberKongz Ronin Validator
CyberKongz Ronin Validator
With the eradication of creator fees it is of paramount importance for teams to be dynamic with treasury management and revenue verticals. We see CyberKongz as a project that will span multiple decades, showcasing immersive experiences on a grand scale while elevating the brand's intellectual property into audiences all over the world. Therefore, to accomplish this, it is crucial that we operate dynamically and put the right financial measures in place to ensure longevity for the brand and community. 
CyberKongz has just launched its own validator node on the Ronin Network as of  Monday 4th December at 15:00 UTC. With the Genkai mint, which happened on the 27th July 2023, and royalties received from Genkai secondary trading on Mavis Marketplace, CyberKongz have amassed 1,600,000 $RON. We will be pledging all of our $RON to the validator node. 
We have strong trust in the Sky Mavis team and see an incredible future for Ronin Network. Ronin is the most dominant gaming blockchain in the entire cryptocurrency industry and we believe this will only continue going forward. Since partnering with Ronin for the Genkai mint, and future developments such as Play & Kollect migration, our trust has solidified even more. 
We are asking the CyberKongz community to support us in the launch of our validator node by staking with us. Kongz Together Strong is a saying that has been a fabric in the CyberKongz community since our inception in March 2021, and the team cannot see a better way to encompass this than with community support on the node. As soon as launch is live, there will be a giveaway to people that support us by staking on our validator node:
  • 10 Origin Axies randomly raffled to anyone that stakes > 100 $RON
  • 2 Mystic Axies randomly raffled to anyone that stakes > 10,000 $RON
This giveaway will be live for exactly 2 weeks after launch, anyone that stakes after this time frame will be ineligible. 

How To Stake With CyberKongz:

1. Go to and connect your Ronin Wallet.
Validator Stake 1
2. Go to the ‘Today's Validators’ tab and select ‘CyberKongz’.
Validator Stake 2
3. Click delegate and select the amount of $RON you would like to stake. 
Validator Stake 3
4. Click delegate and press confirm on the transaction pop-up. 
Validator Stake 4
5. Congratulations, you are now staking your $RON with CyberKongz!

How To Restake With CyberKongz:

1. Go to and connect your Ronin Wallet.
2. Go to the ‘My Staking’ tab.
Validator Restake 1
3. Select the three dots in the right-hand side of your current staking and then select ‘Move stake’. 
Validator Restake 2
4. Search for ‘CyberKongz’ in the ‘To’ section and click. 
Validator Restake 3
5. Enter the amount of $RON you would like to move to the CyberKongz validator node. 
Validator Restake 4
6. Click ‘Move stake’ and press confirm on the transaction pop-up. 
7. You are now staking your $RON with CyberKongz!


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