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CyberKongz have taken over The Sandbox!

Oct 2, 2022
Cyberkongz enters The Sandbox
Cyberkongz enters The Sandbox
Season 3 of The Sandbox Alpha Pass brought our VX Kongz into the Metaverse and it’s been amazing to see @Myoo’s art come to life. To commemorate this special occasion we have decided to run some contests to reward holders that are trying out all of the experiences The Sandbox has to offer. We want to give an opportunity for everyone to participate, so the minimum skills required are the ability to “screenshot”. Let’s jump in and get the details!
The 1st Contest is a ‘CyberKongz in The Sandbox’ Photo Contest
This contest will last for 4 weeks with each week having a new theme and a new set of winners. This contest will require you to take a screenshot of your VX Kong in The Sandbox participating in the specific theme that we announce. For example, if the theme is “A Day at the Beach”, you could take a picture of your VX Kong laying down near the water. If the theme was “Friends in the Metaverse”, you could take a picture with a group of friends (if you have any :harold:) in a cool setting. You MUST submit your picture before the end of the week in order to qualify. Here are the full set of rules:
  • Use the theme of the week to take a screenshot of your VX Kong in the Sandbox
  • Post the screenshot on Twitter using the hashtag #KongintheBox. Make sure to tag @cyberkongz and @thesandboxgame
  • You must be a verified holder and a member of the CyberKongz Discord in order to participate
  • Each week you will submit your screenshot along with the additional info needed
This is the form for the first week
The forms for weeks 2, 3 and 4 will be posted in Discord and Twitter!
At the end of the 4 weeks, the Council of Kongz will vote on the submissions and will award the prizes. Each theme will be general, so be creative with your submissions. It is supposed to be an art competition, so have fun with it!
Here’s what we are giving away each week!
1 - 750 $BANANA
2 - 500 $BANANA
3 - 400 $BANANA
4 - 350 $BANANA
5 - 300 $BANANA
6-10 - 200 $BANANA
Everyone else that submits a photo each week (for a total of 4 weeks) will split a prize pool of 10,000 $BANANA
Each week will begin at 00:00 UTC and end at 23:59 UTC
Week 1 October 3-October 9
Week 2 October 10 — October 16
Week 3 October 17 — October 23
Week 4 October 24 — October 30
The 2nd contest is a CyberKongz VX Sandbox Video Contest.
The purpose of this contest is to make a video with a Halloween or Autumn theme with your VX Kongz in the Sandbox. Here are the set of rules:
  • Video must be a minimum of 20 seconds
  • Video must contain at least 1 VX Kong and show it as main character eg You as Avatar
  • You are allowed to use editing software, but the majority of the content needs to come from in-game footage.
  • Post your video on Twitter using #KongzVideoContest. Make sure to tag @cyberkongz
    and @thesandboxgame.
  • You must be a verified holder and a member of the CyberKongz Discord in order to participate.
Here’s what we are giving away!
1 - Golden Ticket + VX + 5000 $BANANA
2 - VX + 5 Shredz + 3500 $BANANA
3 - 5 Shredz + 2000 $BANANA
4 - 1500 $BANANA
All other submissions will split a prize pool of 10,000 $BANANA
Cyberkongz Sandbox Alpha Season 3
CyberKongz has some incredibly talented holders. Whether you are a video editing pro or a novice to Discord and social media, this contest has something for everyone. Let’s show the world who the King of the Metaverse is!


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