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Introducing Genkai, the next iteration of CyberKongz

Jul 24, 2023
Step into the epic world of Niakea on Thursday, July 27th. Everything you need to know about our upcoming Genkai mint can be found below.
What is Genkai? Genkai is the next iteration of the CyberKongz brand, delivered through a collection of 20,000 anime-inspired collectibles journeying through the Kongz home continent, Niakea.

Vision and Direction

Genkai represents our growth as a project and will be used to expand our IP into Southeast Asia and Japanese markets. It is an ambitious venture in which we aim to alter the paradigm of web3 IP in a gamified manner.
We are also joining forces with Ronin for this mint (and beyond)! Ronin is an Ethereum-linked sidechain built by Sky Mavis, which was created specifically for blockchain gaming. CyberKongz has a shared history with Ronin and their web3 ethos greatly aligns with ours. We are extremely excited about this partnership and for the opportunity to accelerate our already established gaming ecosystem.
Genkai Ronin Partnership


4,000 Genkai will be available on Ronin via the Mavis Marketplace, with 16,000 Genkai being available on Ethereum via the Magic Eden Marketplace (see full breakdown below). The full Genkai collection will be able to bridge back and forth between Ronin and Ethereum in the future. 
We will also be migrating our on-chain game, Play & Kollect, from Polygon to Ronin, as well as working with Ronin to develop additional gamified experiences.
Total Supply: 20,000
Ethereum Supply: 16,000 (9,000 for sale, 7,000 airdropped to holders with 180 day vesting period)
Ronin Supply: 4,000 (3,000 for sale in RON/ETH, 939 gifted to Mystic holders by Sky Mavis with 180 day vesting period. 61 held by Sky Mavis for incentive programs).
Genkai Mint Schedule

Mint Details

The Genkai mint will begin on Thursday, July 27th at 4:00 PM UTC, and will take place on Mavis Marketplace and Magic Eden.
Genkai Marketplaces
The mint will occur in three stages. You can check the status of each stage here.
  • Stage One: Limitlist + Ronin - 4pm UTC
    • The Limitlist sale is for Limitlisted (whitelisted) individuals. Every Limitlist has the guaranteed option to mint two Genkai for 0.25 eth each. Check your Limitlist status using the wallet checker
    • The Ronin sale will also go live at this time. You can mint one Genkai per transaction, with unlimited mints per wallet, for 0.25 WETH or equivalent in RON. You must have this on a Ronin wallet in order to purchase from the Mavis Marketplace. Click here for more information on how to set up a Ronin wallet.
  • Stage Two: Waitlist - 7pm UTC
    • The Waitlist sale will begin immediately after the Limitlist stage, subject to available supply. All individuals who applied to The Portal and CyberKongz holders are eligible for this stage. Waitlist is limited to one mint per wallet, for 0.25 eth. Check your Waitlist status using the wallet checker.
  • Stage Three: Public - 8pm UTC
    • The Public sale will begin immediately after the Waitlist stage, only if there is supply remaining. The public stage is limited to three mints per wallet, at 0.25 eth each. You can mint one Genkai per transaction. 
Genkai NFTs will be airdropped to participating wallets upon conclusion of the final phase of minting. This will likely be within 24 hours of the sale ending.

Closing Thoughts

For over two years we have been building out the world of Niakea. Deep, enriching lore will unravel through the story of Genkai, which will be the centerpiece of IP expansion and storytelling. We are thrilled beyond measure to release this collection and for the future of CyberKongz. 

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