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Introducing: The Klaw!

Sep 22, 2022
The Klaw Machine
The Klaw Machine

Why did we build The Klaw!?

We must first start by answering a question with a question:
How do we reward loyal holders while also attracting new people into our ecosystem?
While building an interactive and fair protocol for the distribution of NFTs and other tokens through Play & Kollect, we always wanted to expand the functionality by adding a way to distribute NFTs from other collections. The answer: The Klaw!
For the initial release of Play & Kollect we needed to test the mechanics and game theory in action, but we always thought of this as the foundation from which we could build upon. With our first expansion of Play & Kollect we have introduced an element of community into our game. CyberKongz have always believed that communities are the heart and soul of Web3. The Klaw will introduce CyberKongz to new communities and new communities to CyberKongz.
The Klaw gives CyberKongz VX one more reason to make sure they’re depleting their daily Fuel Rods and to spend their $BANANA!
CyberKongz VX holders will be able to kollect Golden Tickets and Shredz (pieces of Golden Tickets) through Play & Kollect Adventure Runs. Shredz are ERC-1155 NFTs meaning they are transferrable and they can also be used to craft Golden Tickets, which are also ERC-1155s.
Golden Ticket
Golden Ticket
ONE Golden Ticket can be crafted by using 10 Shredz + 20,000 Kongium. Make sure you are on the Polygon Network, then go to the ‘MY KONGZ’ section on the CyberKongz website.
Golden Ticket exchange formula
10 Shredz + 20,000 Kongium = 1 Golden Ticket
Navigate to ‘CONSUMABLES’ and click on ‘CRAFT’ underneath your Shredz balance.
This will trigger 2 transactions: First, a token approval, and then, a transaction approval to burn your Shredz and Kongium to Craft the Golden Ticket.
A Golden Ticket can be used for a one-time use of The Klaw and will allow its owner to redeem an NFT from some of the best communities in Web3!
The redeem process will all be done using ChainLink VRF to ensure trustless RNG.
The Klaw experience takes place on the Ethereum Mainnet, which means that Golden Tickets need to be bridged from Polygon to Ethereum. This can be done at the Bridge POI on the Play & Kollect map as usual. Please remember that bridging back to ETH takes two transactions (Withdraw/Exit).
The Klaw pool contains a total of 1,337 NFTs, each carefully chosen by the CyberKongz team.
1,137 NFTs can be redeemed directly through The Klaw with Golden Tickets, whereas 200 NFTs are reserved for future use cases.
The Jungle of Play & Kollect holds 420 Golden Tickets and 7170 Shredz, ready to be found!
The initial setup of The Klaw pool was done through generous donations from Coco__Bear, totaling 1000+ ETH! The generosity of Coco continues to permeate through the CyberKongz ecosystem. As The Klaw rewards holders, we will continue to add new NFTs by utilizing our network of partners, along with using funds from our community wallet to add new additions to the reward pool.
The Klaw mechanics will be dialed in for the first 3–5 seasons to make sure everything is balanced approriately. This means that event and crafting requirements may change in the future.

How to start playing The Klaw!?

Welcome to The Klaw!
Welcome to The Klaw!
1. Click on “CONNECT WALLET” in the top right corner and choose the wallet you would like to connect with.
The Klaw Connect Wallet
2. Approve to start The Klaw!
The Klaw Approve
Click on the Golden Ticket slot to prompt the approval transaction. A pop-up window will ask you to approve The Klaw! After the approval transaction confirms, the button will change to “START” and allows you to insert your Golden Ticket! Confirm the transaction and wait for the transaction to confirm.
3. Waiting on the Chainlink Oracle VRF
The Klaw Chainlink
The Chainlink VRF call can take up to 3–4 minutes for the results to come in. The current status will be displayed on The Klaw machine. Don’t refresh the website if you want to see your redeemed NFT. Be patient and enjoy the scene.
4. Receive your Prize!
The Klaw Prize
Once the Chainlink results are in, a pop-up will show your prize! Congratulations! Make sure to hit the button below to share your successful Klaw adventure on Twitter!
You can browse the NFTs that are currently in The Klaw pool by clicking on the poster with the headline “THE PRIZES”. The window will show the amount of prizes that are left and the amount of prizes that have already been redeemed.
The Klaw all prizes
Each categorie shows the name of the collection as well as the amount of NFTs remaining in that specific collection. You can click on the different categories to see all the NFTs within each.
The Klaw category details
The Klaw is the beginning of a new phase of CyberKongz, with new upcoming developments waiting to be released!


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