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kongz.eth has arrived!

Mar 26, 2023
ens featured
ens featured
Introducing CyberKongz ENS Subdomains: A Unique Way to Connect Your NFT to Your Wallet.
CyberKongz, has just launched ENS Subdomains! This new feature allows Kongz owners to register an ENS subdomain through kongz.eth and attach it to their CyberKongz NFT.
So, how does this work?
ens guide
ENS Guide
First, you need to use the wallet that contains your Kongz to register an ENS subdomain. During the registration process, you'll have the option to select an NFT to attach to the subdomain. Please note that the NFT must be on the Ethereum Mainnet to set a new Kongz ENS. If your VX is on Polygon, you'll need to bridge it back to the Ethereum Mainnet (you can use the CyberKongz website for that).
ens dashboard
Once you've double-checked your Kongz ENS name, you can initiate a transaction to register it. 
ens setup
Think of a Kongz ENS subdomain as a regular ENS Domain, but instead of having an NFT from ENS, the NFT is actually your Kong! You can set a subdomain as your primary ENS address, and it works just like any other ENS domain.
ens setup 2
The first year of registration is free, and fees for subsequent years are outlined on the CyberKongz website. 
ens fees
You can also extend the duration of the ENS on the website.
If you decide to transfer your CyberKongz NFT, the ENS subdomain will transfer with it, as it's attached to the NFT. However, if you want to change the address the Kong resolves to, you must edit the ENS subdomain and enter a new wallet address. Keep in mind that when you transfer a Kong that already resolves to a wallet address, you must change it to the current address of the wallet the Kong is in to set it as your primary ENS Address.
ens extend
One of the best things about CyberKongz ENS Subdomains is that you can use them for other addresses without transferring your NFT. All you have to do is edit the linked address on the CyberKongz website. However, please note that the VX needs to be on the Ethereum Mainnet to edit the linked address.
ens edit linked
If you have any questions about your Kongz ENS subdomain, you can visit the CyberKongz Discord and ask your fellow Kongz for help. We hope you enjoy this new feature and find it a unique way to connect your NFT to your wallet!
Special thanks to Purrnelope’s Country Club for paving the way with ENS Subdomains in 2021! mini-meow 


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