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Play Kollect is here

Mar 13, 2022
Play And Kollect Logo
Play And Kollect Logo
Get ready to put your crews together and send your CyberKongz VX on epic adventures in search of Kongium and other treasures!

Play & Kollect is launching now!

Crews can now be created on the MS Kongz and Shardz are starting to accumulate by Babies from now on.
In the Adventure Portal, a crew can be added and sent on adventures as soon as the first season starts.
For in depth how-tos on how to create crews, start adventures, level up and commit Kongium to the seasonal treasury — read our Play & Kollect Gitbook.

In the first seasons, following rewards can be found on top of Kongium:

Play and Kollect rewards overview
  • Banana Bunch: Can be redeemed for Banana tokens.
  • SAND: The utility token used throughout The Sandbox ecosystem.
  • NFT Voucher: Can be redeemed for a random NFT.
  • Genesis Loot Capsule: Contains Genesis Weapons of any rarity.
A total of 1000 NFT Vouchers (Series: #0001) and 2500 Genesis Loot Capsules (Series: Weapons) can be found. At the beginning of every Season, 100 of those Genesis Loot Capsules will be available to redeem in the treasury for 5000 Kongium, starting with Season 2.

The following weapons can be found within the current Genesis Loot Capsules:

COMMON: Pitchfork — Old Sword — Wooden Mallet — Daisy — Cactus On A Stick
COMMON: Pitchfork — Old Sword — Wooden Mallet — Daisy — Cactus On A Stick
RARE: Kris — Katana — Battle Axe — Kongbone
RARE: Kris — Katana — Battle Axe — Kongbone
EPIC: Royal Guard’s Hammer — Gut Ripper — Horus Wand
EPIC: Royal Guard’s Hammer — Gut Ripper — Horus Wand
LEGENDARY: Noctua — Hellfire
LEGENDARY: Noctua — Hellfire

The NFT Vouchers will be able to redeemed for one of these two Uniqly hoodies:

YouTube video thumbnail
Redeeming of the Banana Bunch and NFT Vouchers, as well as the opening of Genesis Loot Capsules will go live next week. So stay tuned!
We are so incredibly excited to explore the jungle with all of you, collect your feedback and push CyberKongz to the next level!


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