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Play & Kollect Patch Notes - Ronin - V1.0

Mar 20, 2024
Phase 1 Patch Notes
Phase 1 Patch Notes
Patch Notes - Ronin - V1.0
With the launch of Play & Kollect on Ronin there will be changes and updates to some of the key features of our on-chain experience. These changes have been designed to enhance user experience and increase the sustainability of Play & Kollect. 
Phase One of Play & Kollect on Ronin comes with a completely new experience, which means new features and changes to the original version of Play & Kollect on Polygon.
New Features:
Phase One of Play & Kollect comes with many new additions to improve the on-chain experience and sustainability of Play & Kollect. You can find more detailed explanations of these features in the Gitbook
  • Gear Score: Players can now equip Gear (Armor and Weapons) to make their VX stronger and be eligible for higher tier Adventure Runs. Trait rarity is also a factor for Gear Score. The rarer the VX, the higher the gear score.
  • Encounters: Encounter opponents during Adventure Runs! Players will encounter an opponent during some Adventure Runs. The higher the Gear Score, the better the chance of defeating the enemy and winning either a Mystery Box or Kredits; if they lose the encounter, they will lose Health Points.
  • Health Points: VX will have base HP based on their fur rarity and VX level. HP acts as a health bar for Adventure Runs. If a VX loses an encounter, they will lose HP, if the VX has 0 HP they cannot go on Adventure Runs. A player can replenish the HP of their VX by waiting (daily for partial health and seasonal for full health) or by using Medipacks.
  • Medipacks: There are two types of Medipacks. Basic Medipacks restore partial HP and can be found on adventure runs. Elite Medipacks restore full HP and can be bought in game for a small $RON fee. If your VX gets to 0HP, Basic Medipacks will not work, only Elite Medipacks can be applied.
  • Mystery Boxes: Mystery Boxes are a special new addition to Play & Kollect on Ronin. An encounter is a special feature in the new update and can give a player a chance to win a Mystery Box. There are four tiers of Mystery Boxes. Open Mystery Boxes and win rewards ranging from: $BANANA, $RON, $AXS, Axies, Origin Axies, Mystic Axies, Loot Capsules, and more! The total amount of prizes in Mystery Boxes equates to over $500,000.
Adventure Runs:
  • Tiered Adventure runs have been introduced. Players can now go on four different tiered runs based on their Gear Score. The higher the tier, the better loot you can collect 
  • Each VX now has a Gear Score based on rarity and Gear that is equipped to your VX. Rarer Gear will give a higher Gear Score and full gear sets will give a boost
  • Encounters, health points, and other new mechanics have been added to Adventure Runs to improve user experience and engagement
Prize Pool:
  • There has been a huge structural change to the Play & Kollect prize pool to enhance user experience
  • The new prize pool structure is: 85% allocated to rewards; 15% to CyberKongz wallet
  • When Kredits are spent on Adventure Runs, their equivalent in $BANANA is distributed to the various Prize Pools.
  • The Kongium Reward Pool will remain as the main prize pool and experience no changes
  • The Jackpot Pool has been introduced, allowing VX’s that go on a certain amount of runs to be entered into a raffle to make the lucky 100 who will be eligible to win a share of the Jackpot Pool. A random draw will be taken amongst the lucky 100, first place takes the largest share, scaling down gradually to 100th position. 
  • Kredits can now be won directly from Adventure Runs
  • Fuel Rods will no longer be in Play & Kollect and will be replaced by Kredits, the exclusive in-game currency for Play & Kollect
  • Each VX will receive 100 Kredits as a daily bonus, the exact amount needed to go on a single Tier One Adventure Run
  • Players can convert $BANANA into Kredits to go on Adventure Runs
  • Krews will no longer be a part of Play & Kollect on Ronin
  • Players will only be able to send single VX on Adventure Runs
  • This has been implemented to increase avatar personability for players, improve game design, balancing, and sustainability
  • Charmz will not feature in Phase One
  • The generation of Shardz has been stopped, along with the discovery of Charmz. As there will be no use we do not want to create an oversupply during this time.
  • Charmz will be airdropped to Ronin addresses shortly before Phase Two goes live, where they will come with new and improved utility. More information to be announced closer to the time
More information can be found in our Gitbook and Interactive Roadmap.


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