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The Guardian Contract Is Now Available For Genkai On Mainnet and Ronin.

Dec 7, 2023
Guardian Genkai
Guardian Genkai
The CyberKongz lead Solidity Developer, OwlofMoistness, developed the Guardian Contract in March 2022. The Guardian Contract, in short, is on-chain two-factor authentication to provide an added layer of security to your NFTs; providing a solution to one of the most notable risks in this industry. The Guardian Contract allows you the flexibility of a hot wallet, with the security of a hardware wallet. 
The Guardian Contract has been available for the CyberKongz VX collection since the launch of Play & Kollect in March last year and has seen great success. In the unfortunate cases where holders have been hacked, CyberKongz VX that use the Guardian Contract have always been protected and the team have been able to retrieve the assets to a safe wallet. On top of this, other notable projects such as Memeland & Keungz have implemented the standard in their collections. 
We believe this technology is a step in the right direction for security within web3. CyberKongz is always focused on protecting their holders and making the Guardian Contract available for Genkai holders was the logical step. We are also excited to bring this standard to Ronin Network and show the Ronin community how the Guardian works. 
Genkai holders can visit to start protecting your Genkai now!
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For more information on the standard and implementing it in your own project, please read Owl’s Medium and Github, along with our previous blog post.


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