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We added a new file format

Sep 28, 2021
We added a new file format featured
We added a new file format featured

The standard voxel format is now available for download!

We are always trying to go the extra mile when delivering our assets. Which is why we added a downloadable .gltf file for the CyberKongz VX models, that can be imported in different rendering software to create amazing scenes.
We chose .gltf as our primary format because it is so simple to use and very beginner friendly. Check out our previous article for more details!
You all have probably seen what others have done with their VXs, when we held the huge CyberKongz Vx Art contest!
For people that would like to have more control and want to play around even more with their beloved VX, we just added the standard .vox format to the downloadable assets!
It is the main format used in voxel editors like MagicaVoxel and was also the basis for creating CyberKongz VX in the first place!
To open these files we would recommend MagicaVoxel, since they are comprised of multiple individual models that make up the whole Kong.
When loading the model you are greeted with your VX in a simple T-Pose. Please keep in mind that this regular voxel format does not support animating and rigging like in The Sandbox’ VoxEdit. You can change the orientation of individual body parts, but only in 90° angles.
Voxedit Model
You can see that the individual body parts overlap and clip into each other. This is done on purpose because for voxel models, the individual body parts should be able to move separate from each other without bending at the joints and thus stretching the textures and individual voxel that make up the model.
Voxedit model legs
The individual body parts clip into each other to create that voxel feeling!
From MagicaVoxel you can export to a variety of different formats, but the only one that you will probably ever use is .obj, which is probably the most supported 3D file format.
Voxedit export
Click on EXPORT to open the menu and choose your desired format (in this case it is obj)
When exporting, you will create one .obj for each body part (these consists of the actual .obj file, which is the 3D mesh, the .mtl file, which sets parameters on the way the model is displayed and the actual textures as .png). These individual files can be loaded into a software like blender to create any custom pose you would like without any restrictions. This custom pose can then be fused into a single .obj, exported and 3D printed with a service like Shapeways!
Another option is to merge all body parts into one in MagicaVoxel. You can do that by typing CTRL+A and then typing U ( U for unify). The fully merged model can then again be exported to .obj and used for something like Mixamo!
Voxedit Unify
Mixamo is a free service by adobe that automatically rigs your T-Pose .obj file (you need to zip the obj, mtl and textures prior to uploading) and lets you choose from their library of different animations. Just playing around with it is super fun. Going this route will bend the models at the joints with doesn’t really fit the voxel style but is fun nonetheless.
Voxedit Mixamo
Mixamo creates a rig automatically, make sure to select “No Fingers (25)”
Voxedit Punch gif
Rigging and animating this way will cause the voxel to bend
There is still the possibility to download the animation itself and then rig that animation with the individual obj files of the body parts. This is of course a bit more time consuming, but it will look a lot better!

Of course we need to mention VoxEdit!

Voxedit rotate
In VoxEdit, you need to rig the model similar to the Avatar template and rotate the root node
In VoxEdit, you need to rig the model similar to the Avatar template and rotate the root node
VoxEdit lets you import .vox files to rig and create assets for The Sandbox (we did all of that for you already), but you might still be interested in playing around with it and create your own animations. VoxEdit lets you export to .gltf again to render in different softwares.
We have come full circle!
As you can see, there are a lot of possibilities and whatever you would like to do with your VX, you now probably can! Going over everything that is possible will take a lot of time but you are very likely to find everything you want with a quick Google or YouTube search!


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