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vision & principles

vision & principles

What drives us


Beyond Metaverse

to the

METAVERSE and beyond

To prepare for the Kongz arrival as the leading social avatars in the metaverse, we have invested in a variety of assets across various metaverses. This will allow us to create custom CyberKongz experiences and distribute asset rewards to holders via Play & Kollect.

Presence in The Sandbox

Presence in Axie Infinity

Presence in Guild of Guardians

Presence in Ember Sword

Presence in World Wide Webb

Presence in Arcade Land

Presence in Nemus Earth

The Shrine of Kongz @ THE SANDBOX

In July 2021, CyberKongz won the auction for The Shrine of Truth, a one of a kind landmark built by SandRush x Nabiya on a 3x3 estate, and renamed it The Shrine of Kongz.
The Shrine of Kongz @ THE SANDBOX

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